Lauren McGaw  – CXC Global, Client Services Manager

The Aligned Minds team were very welcoming, providing a relaxed environment, allowing all voices to be heard. Delivering Mental Health education, prevention topics, true life experiences and support methods all in one. We were given the opportunity to interact openly and most of all to feel comfortable to do this – We all know it isn’t easy to communicate how we are feeling at times, high or lows. Aligned Minds provides key awareness to Mental Health, warning signs to be aware of, how to seek support, build confidence in ourselves to reach out or just to be there to listen to others.

Members of my family suffer from mental health and we need more avenues of awareness that Aligned Minds contribute to the community – Not only bringing people together but letting people know that we are not alone, how communication is key and just being there for one another can make the world of difference. When the session ended I called my family straight away to check in on them – I will most definitely be bringing them next time.


Richard Codling – Wickes, Health and Saftley Line Manager

Rachel Cockerton is a very easy going and knowledgeable person who I had great pleasure working with during a recent safe, legal and compliance day held at our Wickes store in Coventry.

The subject that I was involved with was well being and mental health.

The audience was made up of small groups of Regional leaders, area Managers etc. from our Wickes stores.

The groups had the opportunity to talk about mental health issues that they have to deal with on a regular basis when they contact their teams.

Rachel listened to what they were saying and helped them with different ways to solve issues that some of their team members were having.

It was also quite clear that some of the Managers also had some issues of their own that they were dealing with and with Rachel’s help and understanding they felt comfortable talking about their issues in front of the rest of the group where everybody listened in respectful silence and in some circumstances agreed with what was being said as some of them were having the same issues.

I learnt a lot from Rachel and the fact that she got such an overwhelming response to her parts of the mental health and well being presentation meant that other parts of the presentation were reduced so that more time could be spent talking with the Managers and listening to the issues that they had from their teams and their own personal lives.

I feel that we got so much out of the day that I have expressed an interest to have a similar session held with the Distribution Managers.


Kevin Rimmer – Wickes, Regional Manager

After meeting with Rachel from Aligned Minds and looking at the well-being of myself and my team we managed to start a new way of thinking. I wasn’t sure what the reaction would be when the well-being meeting was on the meeting agenda but it soon became a lively topic with people opening up and talking about the daily stresses we encounter and how we can help each other. Our starting point was to put some rules around our ‘Whatsapp’ group and put in place a ‘lights out’ message after 18.30 and before 07:30. This has already really helped the team switch off when they are not working. More powerful than I imagined.

Phil Birley – Sentinel Scaffolding Ltd, Director

Very informative and delivered by practising NHS staff. The session was also very comfortable with little touches that made the whole session relaxing. People free to talk and share their experiences. Would highly recommend.


Nicola Clark – Wickes, Learning and Development Partner

Aligned Minds put on a really great session that focused on how to start a conversation when someone is feeling mentally unwell. The team gave some really great insight into the history of mental health and then offered advice on how to start those conversations. A really interesting and insightful evening. Thank you.


Kristina Middleton


Great to see passion and knowledge come together. Rachel and Sophie delivered a great workshop drawing on their experience as mental health nurses and encouraging important conversations.


Rebecca Marcano

Excellent workshop attended by a diverse audience. Trainers were experienced and knowledgeable about fostering a positive learning environment. Would definitely attend again and would highly recommend.


Caroline Glasner

Thank you very much for the evening – I enjoyed it and found it helpful. It was apparent that you had each put your heart and soul into it and that made it an especially warm, safe and informative space. I’d be interested to hear about any future events.


Haris Richards – Independent Care Home

A fantastic team delivered training at one of my care homes. The feedback from my team was positive and they all found your bespoke training very useful. Thank you and we look forward to working with you again soon.


Naomi Corrieri-Hobbs – HR Director of Europe- Millennium Capital Partners LLP”

Aligned Minds have been an integral part of the beginning of our journey into launching our Mental Health Speaker Series for 2019. From the beginning, Aligned Minds provided a bespoke service, were extremely responsive and made the whole consultation seamless. Concerning the presentation itself, the contents was made extremely relevant to our business and made for a very thought provoking evening for all those who attended. We look forward to working with Aligned Minds again in the near future.

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