Mental Health Awareness – Half & Full day

 In Half Day

Mental Health Awareness

Half & Full Day

Suitable for all employees, managers, leaders, human resources and occupational health staff. Everyone is welcome, this is an inclusive workshop for anyone interested in mental health awareness.

Mental health affects our emotional, psychological and social well- being. It will impact on how we relate to the world and others in it. When we feel good about ourselves we are more likely to manage stress, relate to others and work productively with less absenteeism. Studies indicate that stigma and discrimination prevent people from seeking mental health care.

Aligned Minds will help your organisation to develop strategies to engage collaboratively with employees’ mental wellbeing. This opportunity will support your organisation to create a positive and open culture for mental health resilience.


Aim – This workshop aims to provide basic mental health awareness. We will explore the myths, prevalence, trends and inequalities in mental health. We will look at the cause, symptoms and treatment for common mental health problems. Participants will not only gain insight into their own mental health resilience but also know how to support others.

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