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Mental Health First Aid In The Workplace

Two Day

Mental health problems in the work place is the leading cause of absence and is one of the defining societal problems of our time. The line management relationship is likely to be the context in which wellbeing, performance or any concerns are raised. This means that line mangers are uniquely placed to recognise distress and offer support. Aligned minds will equip individuals in those roles to effectively and authentically support their colleagues.

Workplace wellbeing will attract talent, improve recruitment and retention, lower levels of absenteeism, reduce cost, increase productivity and reduce ill health.

Leaders and managers play a key role in promoting positive work cultures. Aligned minds will create an interactive workshop designed to meet the needs of leaders and managers. We will start by exploring your employee’s demographic, current organisational culture and identify barriers that prevent individuals from seeking help.


 Aim – Participants will learn and develop confidence in creating the right conditions to support mental wellbeing at work by adopting organisation wide approaches through supportive leadership style and management practices. They will learn about stigma and discrimination, mental health legislation and cultural competence. Participants will be able to identify common types of mental health issues including signs, symptoms and influential factors.  They will be able to recognise and address distress in others and develop increased self- awareness. Participants will know how to start a conversation about mental health and manage difficult conversations. We will explore what to do in a mental health crisis and how to respond if a colleague discloses suicidal thoughts. They will gain confidence in supporting recovery, managing ill health and return to work.

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