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Sophie qualified as a registered mental health nurse RMN in 2010. She has worked in a variety of mental health settings and has a keen interest in mental health parity of esteem and public health issues.

Rachel qualified as registered mental health nurse in 2003. She has a varied and diverse carer with experience in quality improvements programmes and leadership roles within the NHS. She has a passion for organisational culture and person- centred care.

James is an entrepreneur with experience in the hospitality industry. He runs his own decorative specialist company and has an interest in supporting small business start-ups. James is Aligned Minds project and marketing manger.

Our trainers have over 20-years’ experience of working in mental health for the NHS and are proud to continue to work in practice development roles that focus on work place learning, organisational culture and person-centred care.

Our aim is to support organisations to provide bespoke mental health awareness training to their employees. We recognise the pressures of modern day life and work with this to provide realistic achievable goals for mental health resilience.

Our clinical packages have been adapted from our lived experience of working in the NHS and are based on the core mental health skill required to provide excellent collaborative person-centred care. They will also count towards professional development (CPD) and revalidation evidence for nurse.

Aligned Minds has been created to promote mental health awareness in all areas for all people through a journey of shared values, culture change and the reduction of stigma.

Our lead trainers have a learning style that is active and creative. We use theoretical knowledge based on best practice and national guidance.

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